Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Circle of Friends

I've just recieved this lovely award from my cute card partner in crime Claire, thank you hunny {right back at ya x}... As i've not been cute blogging for very long i don't have a great big circle of friends yet. But i would like to pass this on to a couple of peeps who i notice always stop by and that makes me smile, and also to a couple of old altered hands that have also found there cute side!
So Barbara, Tasha, ArtyJen, Hels, Andrea come collect your award xx


Artyjen said...

Aaawwwwh! Thanks! Been a bit missing in action past couple of weeks so thanks again....this will look very nice decorating my saloon! (aka side bar!) LOL
I have been wondering if I have overloaded in the sugar sweetness department so have had a break!!! LOL

Hels said...

Aw thanks hunny, much appreciated...I am seriously into cute..have just gotten some Miss Anya's...this is getting a bit serious now LOL Hugs hun xx

Tasha said...

Ah thank you hunny - thats the loveliest award.
Your cards rock and i love your work its always so inspiring.
love tasha xx

Andrea said...

thankyou Nicky thats just sooooo kind of you xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Minxy! It is fab. I feel honoured :o)